A Few Great Videos

The Banker - Montague William 3rd explains it all.  If there is a "must watch" on this page, it is this one

Wealth Inequality In America

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Documentary of 2010

Breathe Alberta

                                        Marc Antoine - Sunland                                        

                                                                                  The Wayseer Manifesto

                                                               Ultimate Dog Tease - 96 Million Hits on YouTube

                                                Il Volo (Flight) - O Sole Mio (three incredible 17 year olds from Italy)

                                                                     All of Me (Jon Schmidt) - The Piano Guys

                                                                                   Andy McKee - Drifting

                                                         Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye

                                                                           Sarah Brightman - Heaven is Here

                                                              Céline Dion Heats Up Boston - The Power of Love

BoboM in red  vs. Wagner in blue.             


                    Brzezinsky and Hilary admit that the NWO elite are losing the information war.  The people are awakening

                                                   Zombie proof house.  Something we all might want to look into.


  1. The Secret of Oz should be required viewing in order to vote.

    1. Isn't that the truth? If people only knew, they wouldn't vote for either party... they'd vote for the first independent possible. Ron Paul would have been president 30 years ago if people had been required to see that video back then (shame it didn't exist yet, but the dark lords would have made sure it never hit the MSM just the same as they are doing today). It's a masterpiece.

  2. This is actually JBG1911 (frigging Google)...Anyhews I was thinking about this injection of European funds into the US market (will they just let the frigger die already). Well, I was raised by one of the guys (a good Scotsman) who was in the back rooms of unconventional warfare planning in the early sixties. He's a good guy, and has a knack for coming up with wild ideas that 10 years later surface. He was also raised in the Italian section of Philadelphia and knows how businesses are robbed and destroyed by organized crime. He asked me how the market was doing, and I told him it was bullshitting around and that European money was coming in through the both the front and back doors. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Well you don't bust (rob) a game until all the players are in the room and the money is on the table, and you don't burn down a building until the renovations are done." I smiled. I think he's right.

    1. Hi Scotty. Geez... and here I thought that everybody who's going to lose their money in this sick casino was already pretty much all in. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to come up with a word that's better than "flabbergasted". I have no doubt your friend is right but I'm just wondering how we're going to recognize that day. I guess that's exactly why we're in the analysis business, lol.

      BTW, when I was a kid somebody told me how the Grand Canyon was formed. He said that back in the 1700s a Scotsman accidentally dropped a silver dollar down a gopher hole. I could see it.

  3. Oh. I am a cheap bastard alright (have a good wife who understands my condition), except for the errant TZA purchase I made today. I'm holding overnight...apparently I like danger. This thing has to roll over, but then again the bastards running the show have to inflate everyone's assets in equities to look good on paper. It's the most fictitious creation of collateral value next to fiat itself. When this game all falls apart, it's all going to be about not starving...it's a damned shame...but I digress...

    The friend is my Dad (US Army Special Forces) The stories he has told me, and the predictions he has made as a result of his experiences (they haven't changed the playbook, only the technology used).

    My father told me that God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn't rule the world. That I do believe. All things worthwhile came from the Celts. The rest of the world is just lucky to know us...lol. By the way, we've got some family up in Canada. We don't know all each other, but my family has a unique name so they must be close blood.

    1. Your friend was your dad? How ironic... my best friend was my dad. Well actually he was tied for 1st place with my younger brother who sadly passed away much too young at 49.

      I just got off the phone with my daughter and was pleasantly surprised to hear that she and her brother were recently talking about survival plans. The reason I say "surprised" was that although I knew they were aware, they just didn't like it when I spoke about it. But now that they're hearing it from their friends, they've come to realize that their dad was right after all. Ironically, all 3 of us have come up with the same conclusions about what we should do (independently from each other). That's pretty cool I think.

      No, in all due respect to your dad, he didn't have that whiskey thing quite right. The real reason for the invention of whiskey had something to do with ugly women if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, my last name is quite rare too, so you are almost assuredly related to those fine folks up here. There are quite a lot of people with my last name in the N.E. US though. Boston area... Irish. My dad was born in Boston but came here when he was 3 years old. Packed up his parents and brother and sister and brought them along too. Are your relatives in the eastern part? Canada's a pretty big place so I probably haven't run across any of them, lol. Heck, just the 40% of Canada that is considered to be Arctic is bigger than Europe believe it or not. That doesn't include Russia of course, which I don't consider to be part of Europe but perhaps a part of hell.

  4. I never needed the whiskey (even ugly women need love too)...when the going gets tough, the tough lower their standards, or as my Marine Col buddy reminds me, "If the minimum wasn't good enough, it wouldn't be the minimum."

    My family is all over the country (where settlers were required) and up north, but my memory slips as to the area. I spent a couple of summers in Temagami, but you couldn't eat the fish because of the mercury in the lakes from gold mining.

    Glad to know that your family is aware of the possible future with the man behind the curtain running out of levers to pull. At least we're not called doomers anymore, "preppers" is much more respectable.

    Sorry about your brother passing. I always mourned for the families of my patients that passed away. I learned that dying can be easier than living in some instances, The living are always left with the memories, and the possibilities of what could have been different. What's left behind is the hardest part to reckon with sometimes.

    Well...time for the nightly news...I betcha they don't say anything of relevance...as usual.

  5. hah! glad you have good taste in music: )