Friday, May 25, 2012

Pub With A View

I've opened this post, or pub, whatever you want to call it for the benefit of those who might still want to enjoy a troll free environment.  Consider it a safe haven if you like.  However, in order to satisfy those who have made the assertion this blog is an "all about me" ego trip, I'm just gonna stand aside from this point forward.  Hopefully that abstinence will serve to set that major disheartening and unwarranted misdiagnosis straight.  I hate to say it, but some of you could use considerable improvement in your skills at judgement of character.  All of you know I only started this blog out of necessity and I simply provide this space for those few of you who found it to be of value in times of need.  So grab yourself a pint, relax and if nothing else enjoy the view.

Wishing all of you the very best,



  1. Thats a shame AR,its a great space you set up here,with some good people posting and all of us are very grateful to you for the effort and consideration you put in.It wont be the same without your comments though and I am sure that most will agree with me that we all hope you post comments as and when you feel the time and inclination to do so,but without the sense of pressure that must make running such a pub a burden,rather than a pleasure.All the best bud.

  2. Big shame AR, but I can see why you can't be arsed anymore. Thanks for all your efforts to produce this refreshing & convivial space, and I will certainly miss your insight and most of all your sense of humour. 
    May the gods be with you, amigo.
    USDJPY review.
    I may have unearthed some small, but potentially important little clues which gives the corrective count the prize. The case for another impulsive leg down is now weaker, in my view.
    Preferred count:
    Alt count: 

  3. Dear friends, I wrote this comment from a previous post where the discussion took place.. Because it is relevant to current events I am pulling it forward to this post to bring it up front and center for all to read and judge. If anybody is offended by certain language contained within I apologise but I wouldn't change a single word..

    AR.. To be straight I never actually said you were 'too harsh' or outright suggested you were 'too quick' in banning the troll AmandaBear70 that turned up on Daneric's board last week, or any other troll you have come across in the past. However I acknowledge how this can be inferred in my comments when reading between the lines, and this was my silly mistake for which I apologise, sorry man.. Listen, forget I wrote that stuff, I realise now that I didn't know what I was talking about. I
    should never have made any comment or involved myself in the first place, my bad. But seeing as I am involved, to be absolutely clear so there can be no confusion about this matter, I support you 100% in your actions to block that asshole from coming here and any other site that has taken the same action.

    As well as the comments you released from the spam bin, I also went back to the first few days the troll turned up on Daneric's and that solidified in my mind without any doubts what an asshole loser he is. This prick deserves no respect, no love and no friendship from anybody period. However over on Daneric's site I see that certain individuals are warming to the troll's 'all nice' new attitude and getting a chuckle from the asshole.. I certainly have no intentions of mingling with the asshole making him feel all loved and cozy, fuck him.

    AR, if you are mad with me I understand bro, just don't stay mad with me for long okay.. and especially please don't let it ruin your weekend lol.. and as for the troll loser AmandaBear70, if you are reading this, you picked a fight with the wrong man.. AR does not take shit from troll losers like you and neither does his friends motherfucker.

    AR.. please feel free to quote me anywhere and anytime you feel is appropriate, you have my express permission and full support, I back you 100% mate.

    Love and regards,

  4. Its your blog. Post and enjoy your friends and ignore the Troll issue is my thought. Life is too short. Good luck and I enjoyed posting here and all the people.

    Peace. Om.  

    “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

  5. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!
    just my 2 cents here...are you through with the pity party AR??? this is YOUR BLOG!!! wake up...
    quit trying to make everybody happy(except trolls) opinions are know what. If you feel the need
    to converse with one or all, then do it.who do you think you are??? the greatest man to walk the earth
    couldn't make everyone happy. He saved them but many choose not to be saved. He also called it like it
    was to whomever needed an atitude adjustment...sometimes His own club. so dust yourself off and get
    back to business....discussing this whacky market,economy,political nightmare we call.....REALITY!!
    your welcome

  6. More on TX's excellent work and additional insights can be viewed in this thread from Daneric's (Trollville) blog here

    EDIT; Apologies this doesn't show you the thread just the opening comment..bummer.. you'll have to scroll down a few pages through all the Troll crap staining his board to get to the thread..

    PS, why in the hell doesn't Dan Darby just zap those assholes and be done with it? What's going on inside that man's head letting his blog turn into a dumping ground for Trolls to infest and thrive on? He just doesn't care!

  7. AR,

    I think you have really put some thought and work into the stuff you do and hopefully you will post when you feel is right... still have your exponential decay chart... thought it was one of the more insightful analysis and thinking it will trully help me with the next few months... take care and looking forward to your next post.

  8. It's a nice triangle alright ... and your chart made me be more cautious that this 2nd wave may not be finished yet ... put a tighter stop on it.  Thanks ... best see some proof that the channel is broken (like the aussie).  Thanks and merci!

  9. I like your idea of getting risk free ... so I tightened up my stop to 79.41, if it needs another low as per DK's count, then I'll be out and will get back in lower. 

    Hope you continue to frequent this pub.

  10. Hi guys
    new low comin USD JPY I reckons

  11. Imma gonna take the runner off here.  I think you are right.  Also tripled the USDCAD long right here on some harmonics.  10 pip stop.  Tight.  Not going to do much until we get this week figured out a bit.  So, that is my one trade for beginning of the week.

  12. try this
    USDJPY 60min

  13. Agree ... this looks like the triangle has now broken to the down side, and the apex has been reached timewise, so time for a decision.
    Unless it's a fake out.

  14. Nice.  Our breakout entry keeps getting lower and lower.

  15. Jawohl mein general-
    if we do get new new lows, that would rule out the big (4). would leave us only with (2)....or something altogether more bearish, which I can't begin to imagine right now, lol

  16. Don't let trolls chase you away mate. I enjoy reading your thoughts and so do many others I'm sure. 

  17. AUD
    next stop 0.8888 LOL

  18. Think (4) was short?
    try this fractal

  19. Nice!  Thanks for that ... was getting lost on the AUD.  And an extended wave 5 was what Papa Boulle was giving some predictive weight for equities also.

    A degree question ... I was wondering if minor wave 1 of P3 should be expected to go beyond P1?

  20. sorry no time now
    AUD - havent really been watching it much recently, just spotted that thing tonite....maybe an X wave if more time for 4 needed...crucial here

  21. Yes, Danno often says.
    target for next leg down =0.888 lol

  22. Excellent. I've often said distance is the big factor over time. Once a wave has gone as far as it wants or needs to, it's over. Another great example is the flash crash. It lasted a blink, and most every EW theoretician had no problem slapping a number on it and counting it as a bona fide and complete wave.

  23. exactamundos. look at the massive drop in AUDUSD back in 2008- 0.9 to 0.5 in 3 months- no definable sub waves, just dooooown.
    love your stuff to PB
    feels like some big moves coming next 24hrs--esp PMs

  24. Yeah. Almost hate typing it, because it seems surreal, but the target for wave 5 on the GDOW could be 1600, 20% off the March highs and almost 30% off the May 2011 highs. Don't know what that would equate to on the S&P (I'm guessing sub-1200), but it just might be enough to trigger QE3 and touch off a face-ripping Minor 2 rally.

  25. Some currency pairs seem to behave honestly in terms of social mood, so yeah, I'd expect that. US indexes don't play by the rules anymore so I don't expect minor 1 to go that far down on them -- except of course the GDOW (which would be sub-1620 there). But US indexes might go far enough down to finally wake up the VIX, and that might get a lot more things stirred up.

  26. vesting and trading just as serious?

    Guns and gold bitchez!

    Good going here with your blog AR. You’ve got the foundation correct. Took me awhile to come to the same conclusion.

  27. Your posts are great High Rev.  Don't let em get to you.  Ignore them.  Seriously.  Look, they almost destroyed this blog and by being nice no less.

  28. I make the rules on this blog HighRev and the rules are clear.  There are no trolls here and there never will be.  Very simple... they get two shots in the chest and one in the head from the Binford 6000 Trollomatic.  There are 'no' warning shots across the bow.  Offensive behavior and attacks on others are not only rude, totally unnecessary and non-productive, but they are done with a deliberate agenda, to be disruptive to a productive atmosphere.  The other site could very easily do what I do here.  He has the same tools but just elects not to use them.  All this nonsense about the trolls sneaking back in with different IP addresses, different email addresses, different usernames... it's all a lame excuse.  Yes, they might try that but it's so incredibly easy to eradicate them each and every time (and in 0.50 seconds flat) that it's just not worth their while to even try.

    Other than that I'm totally easy going and lenient as hell.  I've only banned a small handful of people here.  By banning Wagner I immediately got rid of about 19 different trolls.  If he could get back in here, don't you think he would?  You'd better believe he would.  BUT HE CAN'T.  So don't buy into that nonsense that "the trolls sneak in, boo hoo."  Evidence of "why" I do it can be found here.  Just scroll down and hit that "add more comments" bar one time..  This is about all I have to say on this matter.  Now... we can focus on markets and saving our sorry asses from a bleak future.  That's what this blog is all about.

  29. There's a new and very brief post up for those interested.

  30. What I think HRev is trying to say here is that he really likes your place AR, Troll-Free-Zone, moderated by the best moderator in the business, one who's pretty darn handy with the TA too!

  31. AR said:

    "He has the same tools but just elects not to use them.  All this nonsense about the trolls sneaking back in with different IP addresses, different email addresses, different usernames... it's all a lame excuse."


    I agree 100%. All one needs is criteria. Serious blogs have it and use it. As you say, there is no second chance with serious blogs. You post something out of line, or something unsubstantiated, and you're gone, never to come back.

    Decency would be a good start in our business, but after laying out tones of basic limits and guidelines over the Memorial Day weekend, the author of that site choose to do nothing in response to many various disgusting comments, most of the rest of the participants nothing with respect to bogus TA, but when tasteless sexist statements went unaddressed, my "benefit of the doubt" based on those "lame excuses" went out the window. With the information, explanations and guidelines that I posted over the Memorial Day weekend, ignorance is no longer a believable plea. Those who participate in such an environment do so willingly, and the author as well. Before this last weekend I was able to say, "maybe they're not aware". That is no longer possible.

    There's no way in hell I'll take part in anything that lacks the basic respect and decency we should all expect not only of ourselves, but of others we interact with as well.

    I commend you on what you're doing.


  32. USDJPY : Banzai!!